5 Artists With a Stunning Website to Inspire You in 2022

If you’ve read our article “5 Easy Steps to Make an Effective Artist Website,” then you know what’s needed to create a successful website. But with those steps, we also shared that we will soon launch our new website.

And guess what? That time has finally arrived, and you are reading this article on our new website www.artstoheartsproject.com. We’d love it if you’d check it out and leave some feedback in the comments section.

Now that we have brought you up to speed, I’d like to return to the matter at hand: each week, we highlight the work of five artists in our Arts to Hearts Feature Article. However, this time around, we will highlight five different artists’ websites to show you what a well-designed website looks like and to give you some inspiration for your website.

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Dain Yoon (@designdain)

Dain Yoon has perfected the skill of creating hand-crafted, three-dimensional artwork on her face. This young Korean refuses to use Photoshop; nonetheless, her looks attain this peculiar, special effect-like appearance. Her realistic paintings’ accuracy, originality, and extraordinary quality genuinely astound.

You can see all her fantastic work on her stunning website by visiting it. During your visit to her website, you will notice that her work is wholly aligned with her website, and you will know where you are and what kind of work you will see by simply being on her home page. So please go and check out her website now to get some inspiration for your website as well. The link to her website is https://dainyoon.com/

Katherine Mason (@paintedwithlipstick)

Katherine is an artist that paints with lipstick. She started her Lipstick Series to support women who have battled, or are currently battling, Breast Cancer. When asking women what the most challenging part of their cancer journey was, they had a shockingly similar answer: They didn’t feel beautiful anymore.

After finding out a good friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she had the opportunity to sit down with her and try to understand better the battle she was fighting. She told her that before her chemotherapy treatments, she would apply lipstick because it was the only thing that made her feel strong and beautiful again. Then, she decided to create this series entirely out of lipstick.

Her series continues to grow thanks to the generosity of those who have donated lipstick in honor and memory of their loved ones. She is privileged to incorporate those people into her work, keeping their spirits alive!

You can also be part of her mission by donating. You can contact her on her website, and when you are at it, you will notice that every part of her website speaks of her mission. It is a simple but amazingly stunning website, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from checking her website again and again. The link to her website is https://paintedwithlipstick.com/

Sami Makino (@samimakino)

Sami Makino is a multipotential artist. Graduated in Image and Sound from UFSCar and post-graduated in graphic design from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), she understands herself as a multidisciplinary artist, working in various visual arts techniques such as acrylic painting, digital illustration, cutouts, and collages, stamping, and more recently in murals, walls, doors, etc.

You will feel like someone is talking to you virtually when you visit her website. All her work images are displayed in a simple manner that will help you understand what kind of work you can expect from Sami. If you want to know more about Sami and her work, you can visit her website by clicking on this link http://samimakino.com/

Allison Moyers (@thepoetthatpaints)

Allison Moyers was born in 1989 in Abilene, Texas. As a child, she often entertained herself by sketching people and copying images that intrigued her.

Her grandmother, an oil painter, greatly influenced her, and her mother introduced her to the magic of old films. She took art in high school and continued her pursuit of the arts into university. In 2010 she spent a semester abroad in Verviers, Belgium, where she studied art history and language arts. After her European experience, she decided to continue her education in Paris, France, and eventually attended university at ESAD de Valenciennes. She graduated with honors and a BFA in Fine Arts in 2015. She was exposed to many artistic mediums in school but found her passion for oil painting and video arts. Upon graduating, she and her husband moved back to the United States. She now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she works as an artist.

Now to talk about her website. Her website is so pretty, and the combination of black and peach color makes it more pretty to watch. The huge picture of her work on her home page is enough to attract you to check her entire website. Her website is straightforward to navigate and is very up-to-date. You can also visit her website by clicking on this link https://www.allisonmoyersart.com/

Mel Volkman (@melvolkman)

Mel Volkman is a fine artist & photographer based on the rustic coast of Maine. She is most known for her atmospheric perspective and nuanced approach to seemingly insignificant moments. Her work communicates depth and meaning beyond clear visuals, drawing the viewer inward to reflect on the serene and unquiet emotions connected to the impermanence of life. 

Nostalgic,” “Haunting,” “Mysterious,” and “Magical” are the words most often used to describe her work. She’s humbled to share her work within private and public spaces worldwide — the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Australia.

When she’s not creating, you can find her relishing slow life with her small family, dreaming up elaborate ideas for her dream garden, or foraging in the woods and along the misty coast of Maine in search of her next subject.

You know enough about who she is, but let’s talk about her website. Her website has this soothing effect. You will feel like you are in some other world. The use of soft colors makes it more stunning. A static photograph on her home page above which a brief introduction of herself looks so pretty that you will want to see all other pages of her website. When you visit other pages of her website, you will see that every page is made wholly and beautifully serves the purpose. If you don’t believe me, then visit her website now and see it for yourself by clicking this link https://melvolkman.com/

Written By: Rabia Khan.

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