5 Digital Queer Artists You Must Follow On Instagram

When it comes to celebrating queer community, the month of June is known as Pride Month. During this time, millions of people throughout the world participate in Pride marches, wear rainbow-colored clothing, or engage in other acts of defiance and petition in support of the Queer community. If you want to show your support for the queer community during the Pride season, a simple way to do so is to like and follow the artwork of queer artists on Instagram. This is an easy and quick way to show your solidarity with the Queer community.

To celebrate Pride month, we’ve curated a list of five Instagram accounts that you should follow. Along with this, we must suggest that in order to support these talented queer artists, we must do everything that we can to assure their long-term financial security. By visiting the artists’ websites, you may show your appreciation for their work. The URLs for their websites can be found on their Instagram profiles. 

Continue reading to find out more about the artist we’ve selected as our featured Queer artist!

1)Shanee Benjamin (@shaneebenjamin) 

Shanee Benjamin is a lesbian illustrator and art director located in Brooklyn, New York. She uses a non-linear creative method to combine conventional and digital media. Colorful and vibrant images of her birthplace are what motivate Shanee to create her artwork. She has 48.7k followers on Instagram. To learn more about her work go follow her on Instagram now.

2)Jenifer Prince (@jeniferrprince)

Jenifer Prince is a young Brazilian illustrator whose images have a strong retro vibe that is supercharged by contemporary ideas. When it comes to storytelling, her work is as forward-thinking as it is nostalgically evocative. She has 263k followers on Instagram. If you want to get mesmerized by her work go follow her now.

3) Priyanka Paul (@artwhoring)

Poet, storyteller, illustrator, and writer all rolled into one: that’s Priyanka Paul. She’s a talented artist who’s had some international success already. Her work celebrates and challenges the representation of women of colour in the arts. She has 73.4k followers on Instagram and to know more about her work and success go follow her now. 

4)Priya Dali (@priyadali)

Priya Dali is a Mumbai-based illustrator and designer. To get people talking, she uses her art to talk about gender and sexuality. Using humour and personal anecdotes in her writing is something she enjoys doing. She has almost 6K followers on Instagram. If you want to have fun while scrolling through Instagram then you should go and follow her now. 

5) Ashley Lukashevsky (@ashluka)

Ashley Lukashevsky is a Honolulu, Hawaii-based illustrator and visual artist. Immigration, LGBTQIA+ rights, and gender fairness are some of the themes she addresses in her work. She uses her art to draw attention to oppressive power structures, as well as the connective tissue that connects them, in the hopes of deconstructing those systems. She has 113k followers on Instagram. Go follow her now and get aw-struck by her art work. 

Written By: Rabia Khan.

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