Fatema Lodhger



Fatema Lodhger

About the Artist

Hello, I’m Fatema Ibrahim lodhger , is a self taught artist mother from Bangalore, India.
I was born and brought up in Kolkata . After finishing my schooling in 2000 , I graduated with a degree in English in the year 2003. I then went on to do a one year diploma course in commercial design from the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.
As a child I was always very creative and enjoyed learning different crafts , like toy making , crochet, paper craft .and quilling. But drawing and painting always had a special place in my life. My earlier memory goes back to covering all the walls in my house with my doodles and drawings.
I never got a chance to learn painting formally and my first visit to an art museum was in my early twenties.
I recall being rejected from the entrance exam of an art college in my city because I couldn’t draw human figures accurately.
This dejection made me even more determined to hone my skills on my own and I began sketching at home as well as by going through art books.
During this time I mainly worked with water colours, acrylic and pen and ink
Soon after I got married , painting began taking a back seat slowly and after the birth of my daughter I completely gave up on my art.
Then in 2019 , after a long gap of eight years I began painting again on the insistence of my husband. But by then all my painting skills were completely rusted!
It was only during the lockdown in April 2020 that i discovered the joys of oil painting. Having no prior knowledge in oils , i began practicing again, till I came across a book ‘Daily Painting’ by Carol Marine in January 2021 that changed my life!
In it she discusses the daily painting movement ,starting small and making art everyday.
The enthusiasm and motivation was back and I began painting everyday in my small sketchbook and posting on social media.
Since than I have come to believe that painting is a learned skill which can be developed with daily practice and determination at any stage or age in life and not depended on talent alone!
Presently I make one painting each day and post it on social media.

About Artist’s Work:

Beginning my art journey again in 2019 after a long gap of eight years and teaching myself oil painting from scratch I have now come to believe that painting is a skill like any other and can be developed and learned at any stage or age in life.
The lockdown changed my life and my art completely! It was during this home bound life that I began to realise what a treasure trove my home was and will always be!
My art became all about transforming the ordinary mundane things of everyday life into something special and extraordinary!
I therefore began to see everything around me with my new found artistic eye and my kitchen ,bathroom ,bedroom, the pantry even the lollipops my daughter eat into subjects of my painting!
Since I presently make one painting each day ,Its the little unnoticed things which interests me and I feel there is magic in everything and colours can transform all mundane into beauty!
I primarily work with oils and gouache from the living room of my home.

Archanaa Manavalan

Archanaa Manavalan

About the Artist

Archanaa Manavalan is a self-taught artist based in Chennai, India with Post Graduate Degree in Technology. 

A surreal meditative experience after an intense silent retreat in 2011 led her back to Painting. The experience also enabled her to continue her journey towards a holistic lifestyle,  explore different yoga practises, Meditation and helped shape her Art Journey. 

She works in Mixed media with vibrant colours and a lot of  gold and practices her craft full time from her home studio and teaches Yoga.

Artist Statement

I am  a self-taught  Artist based in  Chennai, India. I find inspiration from Spiritual philosophy, intricacies of the subconscious mind and the beauty in everyday life. 

Every painting  I create  has a tendency to invoke a subjective sense of introspection for the viewer. The titles are as ephemeral as the process, the impermanence serves as the catalyst for the viewer. They  lack a singular explanation and have subjectively different meanings for every viewer based on their experience.

The great spiritual writer Thomas Merton once said ” Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I hope everyone who comes across my work has a great experience. May we all find ourselves in front of that special piece that sings to our soul.

Ana Sneeringer

Ana Sneeringer

Artist Bio

Ana Sneeringer is a Slovenian artist currently residing in Hyderabad, India. Having started her career in documentary journalism as a director of an environmental television station, Ana’s experiences across Jordan, Russia, the USA, The Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, etc., led her to express her observations & learnings in her contemporary art works. Women or the female presence form the epicenter of her artistic exploration and stories. Living around the world and engaging with women from different cultures, Ana’s personal encounters resonated with the similarities of emotions and experiences everywhere, rather than the disparities of race or color. As a result, her artistic canvas is a vivid, kaleidoscopic world of thoughts, emotions, and experiences shared by the modern woman. Completely self-taught, Ana finds liberation in employing free will and speaking from her heart, unconfined by a learned discipline. Whether in watercolor, acrylic, or digital media, she gives herself the freedom to experiment based on her subject matter.

Ana’s art has been exhibited internationally in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In addition, she has been featured by All She Makes, Artsy Shark, Create! Magazine and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine; highly recognizable art platforms for contemporary artists of the 21st century. Her most recent project was a collaboration with five Slovenian contemporary women artists selected by LIDL Slovenia and Europa Donna for breast cancer awareness.

Artist Statement

I draw and paint portraits of ladies with attitude. Apart from myself, my inspirations are women worldwide; for some of them, I was lucky to meet and know personally, while others are just women I came across in pictures of photographers I find online. My art is a reflection and an expression of my attitude towards my own life. I paint which emotions I am facing and living in the moment.

My protagonists are women with strong character and energy who express raw emotions and aren’t afraid to show their genuine and natural personalities. My portraits represent quirky and unique ladies of real life, enjoying or learning to enjoy themselves by accepting themselves as unity and converting this realization into the superior power of proudness and achievability.

We can’t run from the daily emotions we face. I need to capture and express these feelings through my portraits to show the world how strong humans are, and especially women.

My work speaks the language of the country I live in. My home at the moment is India. Living here makes me spin around in many directions – from laughter to frustration. Living in such a colorful country as India, you definitely cannot ignore the vibrant environment surrounding you. As such, I developed an absolute love of lively and bold colors in combination with always loving black and white that help me bring more empowerment towards women.

What does “Gaze” mean to you & how do you connect it to your work?

I speak my “truth” mostly through the eyes of my portraits. The stories I am conveying through the eyes of the ladies are everyday situations. We most of the time speak through our gaze, even when we are silent. Gaze, to me, is an important part of human communication, and it’s a lovely way of reading one’s soul through it.

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Instagram: Instagram: https://instagram.com/ana_sneeringer

Website: https:/https://anasneeringer.com/