We are on a mission to unite women creatives, globally.

Founded by Artist & Designer Charuka Arora, Arts to hearts project started up in early 2020, a pandemic passion project. Only within a year, has been recognised as one of the leading global platforms & publication for emerging & contemporary women artists & creatives. 

With a deep passion for building opportunities, honest conversations and learning resources for artists, we’ve built a highly engaged community of loyal readers in the domains of arts. Our online platform is a digital representation of a creative community bundled together by a common interest in creativity.

With each collaboration & piece of content we bring a unique & unfiltered knowledge of contemporary art lifestyle and a diversity of possibilities for artists as professionals. We’ve been featured by Create! Magazine, Malayasia times, Platform Magazine, etc. 

.A global creative community uniting multi passionate women creatives/artists to build financially successful, fulfilling careers via learning, collaboration, community & networking.