Creating magic inspired by the moments of transition in her 20s W/ Natalie Pivoney: Artist Spotlight

About Artist’s Work :

Pivoney finished her MFA degree from Northern Illinois University in 2019, where she specialized in oil painting and taught undergraduate drawing classes. She also received an MA degree in studio art from Eastern Illinois University in 2016, completed an artist residency in Galesburg, IL in 2018, and has been published in Studio Visit Magazine and PIKCHUR Magazine. Currently, she maintains a studio practice while teaching elementary art and adult art classes in Elgin, IL. Her work has shown throughout Illinois as well as in Utah, Wisconsin, and New York.

About Artist’s Work :

These paintings are based on my previous living spaces and depict what home means during moments of transition, whether from unpacking, rearranging furniture, or getting ready to move somewhere else. They represent the liminal nature of my 20’s as I moved from college town to college town to college town again and finally to where I’m settled now. After spending about a decade living in this flux state of picking up and going somewhere else I have finally come to realize what it is to plant my feet and stay. I am rediscovering the idea of home as something permanently and personally mine.

What does “Home” mean to you :

Home is where I recharge after spending all day teaching children. Home is where I take off my bra and put on my sweats. Home is where I sleep in ’til noon and stay up ’til 2am. Home is where I process my thoughts and turn them into something else. Home is where my past, my present, and my future can sit and mingle. Home is where my Pink Floyd records are. Home is where I try out new recipes but leave the kitchen a mess. Home is where my parents can see their old furniture getting a new life. Home is where I obsessively save every single bit of sentimental ornament and knick-knack in a box in my closet. Home is where my studio is. Home is where I come from.

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