Ep. 17 Releasing Fear and Moving Through the Higher Vision with Ekaterina Popova

T his Arts to Hearts Expert Takeover and Special Podcast Episode is hosted by artist, writer, curator and the founder of Create! Magazine Ekaterina Popova (Kat). She talks about how to overcome mental blocks, negative of fearful thoughts and difficult seasons.

• Kat explains how everyone goes through negative and fearful thoughts and these become part of a recurring pattern.

• Key to dealing with such emotions is to accept and embrace them instead of trying to suppress them.

• Taking some time and Acknowledging desires – Taking calculated decisions from a place of desire and not a place of panic or desperation.

• Importance of feeling good and content with yourself and its direct impact on your art.

Join Kat as she discusses the importance of processing negative thoughts to move past them to a position of a higher vision and become the best versions of ourselves.

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