Ep 36. Why you must have an authentic & compelling personal brand as an artist & creator with Charuka Arora, Founder Arts To Hearts Project

I n this episode, Join Host @CharukaArora as she talks about why it is essential to create an authentic artist brand.

Artist Brand Mini Workshop:

LINK TO BOOK A SPOT : https://pages.razorpay.com/artist-brand-mini-workshop

How to create an engaging & authentic artist brand that lifts you up!

A 2 hours only LIVE mini workshop for artists, creatives and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace themselves and creating an authentic & compelling personal brand.

In this workshop, you will

  1. Learn how to lay a solid foundation for your personal brand.
  2. How to Identify your key brand words
  3. Create a unique brand experience
  4. Craft your unique voice
  5. Part of LIVE Q & A’s

LINK TO BOOK A SPOT : https://pages.razorpay.com/artist-brand-mini-workshop

Connect with Our Host Charuka on:

Instagram: @charukaarora

Keep In Touch With Us at Arts To Hearts Project! @artstoheartsproject


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