Episode 10: Painting a Parallel Mystic World with Artist Rithika Pandey

T he 10th episode of the ATH podcast, host Charuka Arora is in conversation with artist Rithika Pandey, who creates narratives with characters, colours and life full of adventure.

  • Rithika’s shares her journey from India, to Ghana and all across the world
  • She talks about the influence of African culture and Indian culture in her work
  • Rithika’s humour and childhood is heard when she talks about her pet name “chashmish” translating to “one who wears spectacles”
  • How Rithika’s character convey a story, where her characters come from, and how they evolve
  • Rithika and Charuka delve into topics of post humanism, hybridity, and futurism

Links mentioned during the interview:

Rithika inspiration: The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami

Favourite Woman Artist: Rajni Perera

Currently on Rithika’s #heartlsit: Jahnavee Baruah and Hannah Lim

Hear the full episode and transcend into different layers of Pandey’s Mystical universe!

Find Rithika Pandey & her projects on:

Instagram: @chashmishkahiki

Connect with Our Host Charuka on Instagram: @charukaarora

Keep In Touch With Us at Arts To Hearts Project! @artstoheartsproject


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