Episode 16: Everything you need to know about Art Licensing with Victoria Kukla from Palmesque

T his Arts To Hearts Expert Takeover and Special Podcast Episode is hosted by Artist and Mentor Victoria Kukla, popularly known by her brand, Palmesque! She talks about her Graphic Design, Art Licensing and so much more:

* Victoria begins by addressing that she has always been a creative yet had never been to an art school
* She talks about how she started creating small work and putting it up on her etsy shop, where later an agent found her

* Art Licensing is a broad field where artists rent out their artwork to clients for a certain time
* Victoria talks about passive licensing where one builds a portfolio and rents their work to various companies to add it on their products

*She shares how there are various kinds of negotiations in the art licensing world, and artists must know what is right for them while signing a contract

* According to Victoria, you must answer three questions when you get into the Art Licensing world: 1) How much time you can dedicate? 2) How much money do you want to make out of this? And 3) What kind of projects do you want to create?

* As art licensing is a new field, it has a lot of potential to grow

* An additional tip is to join communities on sites like Facebook to network and connect with other artists and agents

Join Victoria as she shares her tips and tricks of working in the field of licensing!

Find Victoria & her projects on:
Instagram: @palmesque
Website: www.palmesque.com


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