Episode 18: Creating Art, Making Designs and Running Creative Businesses with Shelby McFadden

W elcome to the 18th Episode of the Arts To Hearts Project with Host Charuka Arora and Artist, Designer, and Creative Business Owner, Shelby McFadden of Fugly Barbie and Candy Floss Magazine.

  • Shelby talks about how she started creating art and what influenced her
  • She talks about working as an individual artist while also working with other creative businesses and wanting a healthy working boundary in the creative field
  • She is an avid believer of creating a community and bringing change while also seeing people wear and use her curation in their lives

Join Shelby, her magical artwork and her vision while creating four different creative businesses!

Find Shelby & her projects on:
Instagram: @fugly.barbie @candyflossmag @shelby_mcfadden
Website: www.candyflossmagazine.com / www.fuglybarbie.com


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