Episode 21: Strategic Tips for Promoting your Creative Business by Artist Brittany Minnes

T his Arts To Hearts Expert Takeover and Special Podcast Episode is hosted by Artist and Creative Business Owner Brittany Minnes! She is famous for her art, fashion and a combination of both in her special way!

She talks about building a business and provides insightful tips:

  •  Brittany talks about setting goals! 
  • She explains her creative process and how she manages creating work and running a business 
  • She talks about kickstarting her business through shows and collaborations
  • Brittany throws light on how to promote and network as an artist
  • She gives tips about social media as a tool to promote yourself as an artist 
  • Brittany shares what works on Instagram and what doesn’t!

Join Brittany as she shares her tips and tricks of creating an art business!

Find Brittany & her projects on:

Instagram: @brittanyminnes

Website: https://brittanyminnes.com


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