Episode 23: Facing her work with a pop color, Creativity & fun with Artist Sarah Stieber

I n the 21st episode of the ATH podcast, host Charuka Arora interviews “colour obsessed” Artist Sarah Stieber.

– Sarah’s life has been super interesting! She talks about wanting to be a therapist, studying psychology and then turning into an artist!

– She talks about transitioning from wanting to “analyse” human nature to “exploring” human nature

– She talks about working in her studio in Venice with her models!

– Sarah is not only a painter, but an artist who looks for deeper meanings and perceptions while working 

– She talks about her work, using lots of tape and how she uses them in her work

Find Sarah Stieber & her projects on:

Instagram: @sarahstieber

Website: www.sarahstieber.com

Connect with Our Host Charuka on Instagram: @charukaarora

Keep In Touch With Us at Arts To Hearts Project! @artstoheartsproject



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