Episode 24: Reaching your Best Self through Healing & Art Therapy with Artist Leah Guzman

T his Arts To Hearts Expert Takeover and Special Podcast Episode is hosted by Artist and Art Therapist Leah Guzman! She is an Art Therapist, Artists and Founder of Creative Soul Society and Art Therapy Online! She provides insightful tips about consciously healing through art!

  • Leah explains what art therapy means and how one can incorporate it in their daily art practice
  • She explains how mental and creative blocks stem from emotional experiences around us 
  • Leah shares about her personal experiences and how she got out of them using art therapy 
  • She gives tips to ‘let go’ using different ways and use Art Therapy in your everyday practice 
  • Furthermore, she believes in manifesting and channeling one’s energy to dig deep

Find out all the tips given by Leah about creative blocks, healing and art therapy!

Connect with Leah Guzman & her Art Therapy projects on:

Instagram: @leah.guzman.art / @creative.soul.society/ @art.therapy.online

Website: www.leahguzman.com


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