Episode 25: Elevating your creativity by creating a routine which keeps you inspired by Charuka Arora

I n this Arts To Hearts Podcast Episode, Artist and Host Charuka Arora shares how one can get rid of the creative block and constantly inspire yourself !

  • Charuka shares the importance of working alone and creating a safe space 
  • She explains the need of a multidirectional approach to creating art 
  • She gives tips regarding structure in work by deciding what kind of people you want to surround yourself with 
  • She shares the importance of working “horizontally” as well as “vertically” 
  • Her tips to work on yourself as an artist helps by setting goals and targets 

Hear Charuka as she gives tips, tricks and personal accounts of how you can elevate your creativity!

Find Charuka on:

Instagram: @charukaarora

Website: www.charukaarora.com


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