Episode 29: Melting Away into Moments of Culture, Creativity and Joy with Artist Betsy Enzensberger

I n this Arts To Hearts Podcast Episode, Host Charuka Arora interviews Betsy Enzensberger, an Resin Artist and Sculptor based in New York famous for her Melting Popsicles.

  • Betsy shares how she has always been a creative person and found herself making something even when it’s not her art
  • She talks about being raised in New York City and finding herself surrounded by different cultures and kinds of creativity 
  • She talks learning practical skills through experience instead of traditional education 
  • Betsy shares how the fist time creating a melting Popsicle was created accidentally

People & Links mentioned:

Eric Johnson 

Find Betsy & her Melting popsicles on:

Instagram: @betsyenzensberger

Website: www.betsyenzensberger.com

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Instagram: @charukaarora

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