Episode 32: Weaving Resistance, Dissent and Realms of Womanhood with Artist Carmen Mardónez

A rts To Hearts Podcast is all about creating from a safe space to communicate and share the messy and wonderful side of being an Artist. In this episode, Host Charuka Arora interviews Chilean Textile Artist, Carmen Mardónez!

– Carmen grew up in Chile, in a family of 8 sisters and 1 brother.

– She explains how she grow up with norms about womanhood, and conduct in society. She was taught embroidery at 10 years of age for her future children and how to cook for her future husband.

– As Carmen was the eldest, she felt that she was always taking care of everyone around her, and postponing her career and herself. 

– She talks about creating work with textile and how what tied her down, grew her into the powerful artist she is! 

– She shares how she started creating art with embroidery, and how she started selling her work. 

– Carmen also talks about moving to the USA, raising her children and simultaneously creating art. 

– Carmen later talks about her shows and the art grants received by her!

Find Carmen on: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/desbordado/

Website: https://www.carmenmardonez.com/

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Instagram: @charukaarora

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