Episode 9: Weaving Collages through memories with Artist Sarah Twiggy Boyer

T he 9th episode of the ATH podcast, host Charuka Arora interviews Sarah Twiggy Boyer, who is a French Collage Artist based in South Florida.

  • Sarah talks about how her work explores themes of  memory and connection
  • She elaborates about her journey from Paris to Florida, and growing up surrounded by a different culture 
  • Sarah shares her journey adjusting in the United States 
  • Artist Boyer talks about how she collected photographs that reminded her of her family, which now influence her collage work

Hear the full episode to dive into the different layers of Twiggy’s artistic, as well as personal life!

Find Sarah Twiggy Boyer & her projects on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahtwiggyboyerart/

Website: https://www.sarahtwiggyboyer.com


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