How To Make Money Online: Creating Multiple Revenue Streams As An Artist

The question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” used to stump us as children. We would not even take a second to respond to such a question. Have you ever pondered the question, “Why were we so quick to answer that question?” The simple reason is that, back then, we didn’t have to worry about our finances, our bills, or our rent; we simply wanted to be who we wanted to be.

But as an adult, we have to look after our every expense and, for that reason; we opt for the jobs that we are least passionate about. This makes us wonder if there is anyone making a living doing what they love. The answer is yes. There are millions of people making money doing what they are most passionate about. However, the question we should be asking ourselves is how did they achieve it? Because there are precise reasons why just a few people ever learn how to make money doing what they love.

So, if you’re wondering how to make money as an artist, you have come to the right place. A list of techniques to increase your revenue as an artist or creative is provided below.
So keep on reading to learn about them all.

By Selling Art

Every artist is aware of the fact that they can earn money by selling their art. The problem is that just a few artists know how to market their art. One of the best ways to sell art these days is through art and social media websites. You can know about art websites through our previous article, where we have mentioned websites through which you can sell you art which include Artsy, Etsy, and Pinterest. Besides this, you can also sell your art by posting high quality pictures of it on your social media websites. One thing to keep in mind while selling your art on social media is that you don’t just post pictures and mention price in the caption but tell the story to your audience about how you came up with the idea. Describe your emotions. Encourage your audience to buy your art that you have made with love, emotion, and effort rather than just showing them pictures of your art.

Besides these, you can also sell your art work in commercial galleries. When you visit galleries, you might also meet people who are interested in buying your art. This way, you will be able to connect with potential art buyers. You can also sell your art by applying to different art fairs and submitting your work for consideration. But you have to keep in mind that it’s not necessary that you make a sale then and there, but it’s a guarantee that you will meet many people that will help you in learning something new or even help you in marketing your art. Additionally, you can also take part in different art competitions, but then again, you might not win those either. But don’t be disheartened because winning is not everything, but trying is. These competitions will help you to build your confidence and also help you to show your art. These competitions will help you in gaining exposures and experiences. We know that it seems like a lot of work. But you will get there if you keep trying with patience, dedication, a positive attitude, and hard work. Always remember that nobody makes it big in just a single day. It’s a long journey where you have to keep taking small baby steps to get there.

By Educating other Artists with your Knowledge

If you’re an artist, you probably enjoy talking about your work and your art, and you may turn that enjoyment into a source of income. You can begin instructing other art students in the methods of your artistic expression and other essential skills. Adults and children alike can benefit from your painting lessons. It’s also possible to teach an online course. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to use pre-recorded lectures or live recordings to instruct your students. A recorded lecture can earn you $20 to $300, while a live lecture can earn you $500 or more, according to some estimates.

In addition to teaching your kids about art, you can also teach them how to be an artist by teaching them other key skills like marketing techniques, graphic design, content creation, etc. You can also make money by hosting art workshops. To ensure that your students will benefit from your teaching, make sure that you are well-prepared and that your research is thorough enough. In addition, make sure you instruct your students in a casual and fun manner. Bring the same creativity in your teaching methods that you use in your art.

 By Creating Content as an Artist

One of the best ways to promote your art business is through the creation of engaging content that has a purpose beyond simply selling paintings. Once you’ve narrowed down your target audience, you can begin developing content. A blog is an excellent way for artists to document their journeys and share their knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks with the world. There are a lot of different blog platforms available, such as WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly. Learn about any of them and start blogging to reach your target audience.

Along with this, it’s also possible to record short videos of yourself creating your artwork and share them on Tiktok and other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. As a result, your art will be seen by many more people, which will lead to more sales. You can also make a YouTube channel where you can upload short video tutorials on any talent or software you know of to aid other artists. These are some of the ways you may use content production to promote your art business and give it a voice. But for content creation, consistency is vital. You must continue to produce content regardless of how many people like, comment on, or share it. Be patient and persistent if you want to be the buzz of the market and keep on creating what you love.

By Finding Sponsorship and Grants

As an artist, you can earn money by applying for grants. Grants are available for artists through a wide variety of worldwide initiatives, as well as local communities and non-profit organizations. The purpose of these is to either provide financial assistance to up-and-coming artists, to raise cultural awareness, or to find a solution to a particular issue. Sometimes local organizations also need actual pieces of art to decorate new buildings or to provide a pleasant touch to an event. So look out for these grants. This will help you in getting some money and along with that you will get exposure.

Additionally if you have large number of followers on your social media website like Instagram. Then you can also earn money by creating sponsored posts, in which case you would accept payment from a company, individual, or brand in exchange for advertising their company or product. However, in order to be eligible for a sponsored post, you will need to have comprehensive knowledge of marketing, your target audience, and how to portray a product in such a way that people will want to buy it. Therefore, before deciding to go with a sponsored post, you should make sure that you have a solid understanding of all of the information that is necessary for it.

By Creating Custom Merch

Designing customized merch is another way you may earn money as an artist. But when you are thinking of beginning a merchandise business, you have to do complete research about the things that you want to sell, your target audience, your marketing strategies, and most importantly, your price. Hence, it is very necessary for you to think up a suitable business plan and then try to execute it. Some of the examples of personalized merchandise are t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, pillow covers, phone cases, and customized stickers or prints of your art work. So begin by selecting and developing your personalized merchandising and begin earning some extra cash for yourself.

Written By: Rabia Khan.

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