Investigating issues of identity, memory and archive with her art W/Sandy Middleton: Artist Spotlight

Artist Bio: Heather Drayzen is an artist and educator living in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her BFA from School of Visual Arts and her MAT from Rhode Island School of Design. She is continuing her education through the New York City Crit Club.

Artist Statement

For the past eight years my personal and project-based work has been focused on found family images, written histories and personal objects. These photographs, diaries, books and paintings have shaped my practice. The work I’ve made investigates issues of identity, memory and archive.
I often rearrange photographs as I work to find new meaning by manipulating the originals. This process allows me to re-invent or recreate one’s memory or the perceived reality of it. I aim to disturb the natural order and create chaos where there is none, to unearth what may be beneath the surface.

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

This work began with an orphaned photo album. The people, strangers to me but somehow, I felt they needed my attention. Snapshots of these moments once precious, intimate, prized now lay discarded. By creating a new narrative I became interested in creating transitional moments, altered truths. Scratched, recomposed and familiar elements removed, I wanted the viewer to question their own history through memory, its fragility and its tenuous truth. Allowing the images to reveal themselves and tell new stories. Imposing my own presence into their stories.

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