About the Artist

Jessa Dupuis is an emerging collage and mixed media artist living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. Originally trained as a designer and illustrator at MacEwan University, Jessa has spent 16 years dedicated to client-driven design and illustration projects. She has recently shifted her focus to furthering her creative practice in collage and mixed media.

Artist Statement

My process when creating art is playful, organic and therapeutic. I challenge myself to look carefully and pull beauty and hidden meaning out of the seemingly ordinary, letting the piece evolve as I go. My work often merges art and design, abstraction and order, truth and fiction. My intention is to create art that allows people a moment to laugh, cry, wonder, and connect their own narrative to my visual storytelling.

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

I was thirteen years old when my brother passed away. I learned that an incredible loss would either break you or instil a solid desire to celebrate the everyday memories, moments, and matter that make life, this beautiful, precious thing we all share––worth it. So, although it is sometimes hard to do (and I fail some days), I try my best to treasure it all.


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