About the Artist

Kamryn Shawron is a multimedia maker from Ocoee, Florida. Graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Fibers, her work focuses on the integration of portraiture, embellishment and fibers. Bead embroidery and found objects are often used as a means to paint on canvases as well as found and original photos of her taking. With themes rooted in both identity and disguises, she aims to embrace all that makes us human. An interest in the tactile nature of our surroundings fuels her to create work that is influenced by candid moments of the conversations and people around her.

Artist Statement

Fibers is an all encompassing textural medium, through my work it has always been approached that way. Incorporating different media to create new tactile surfaces.

Whether through bead embroidery or thick dollops of paint, my aim is to enhance what is already visibly present in the materials. With an interest in both painting and photography, these practices are incorporated as embellishment techniques as well. Focusing on beadwork in excess, the audience is invited to enjoy, immediately and visually recognizing the transformation in the surface.


How do you interpret ‘Ready to wear’ in your work?

Ready to wear can be anything and everything ! And I do mean everything .

A large portion of my work focuses on portraiture and those portraits begin with a wildly accessorized photoshoot. Elbow length silky, synthetic gloves, dollar store plastic tiaras, foam animal masks from my childhood dress-up box. These decorations serve as not only as baubles to bedeck, but as a celebration of the purely ridiculous . Inviting the subjects to lose themselves completely in the silliness of their adornments. Stepping outside themselves and their identities.

These works become twice embellished portraits. The first round of embellishments comes during the portrait session, the second once the image is printed and a variety of mixed media is applied to further enhance the subject.

Ready to wear to me, is truly limitless and entirely playful. More importantly than that- it is a means to bring out all the splendid most genuine qualities the subjects have to offer.


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