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I n the S2EP69 of The Arts to Hearts Podcast,Charuka Arora, Artist & Host of the Arts To Hearts Podcast is joined in by Srishti Gupta Roy (Visual artist, illustrator & fashion designer)

In this Episode,

  1. You will hear Srishti & Charuka in very candid and fun conversation talk about anything & everything that goes into a life as creatives
  2. Srishti talks about her experience of working as a designer in the corporate sector and then transitioning as a freelance visual artist. What made her take the decision and how it has been for her so far.
  3. Srishti has had the pleasure to work with some of the top clients like Netflix, adobe, mac cosmetics, Michael kors to name. She shares her expereince of working won these projects and her learning curve when it comes to pricing and leading projects.
  4. Charuka & Srishti both look back to their careers as a fashion designers. Well, lets say they both had a lot to say. That you definitely should hear.
  5. Srishti also shared how she always looks for inspiration in her surroundings and her own life in a cosmopolitan.
  6. They touch on the most sensitive topic of pricing that you would want to hear.


Srishti Gupta Roy, or @srillustrator as she is known on the Internet, is one of us. A graphic and fashion designer by profession, the 28-year-old has been serving millennial language on a platter. From renaming fashion brands for the desi 20-somethings to giving us the most iconic designs, Srishti is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and intellect. Not only do her captions guiltily remind us of our bad habits, they are written in such a fun manner that everyone can relate.

A National Institute Of Fashion Technology, New Delhi graduate, Srishti also won the ‘Best design collection’ award for her graduation collection. Her work has been featured internationally in leading magazines and online publications as well. Srishti has also collaborated with some big names like M.A.C Cosmetics, Fastrack, and Levi’s to create some very interesting artworks that not only will make you laugh, but also share a strong social message.

To see srishti’s artwork, please visit https://www.srillustrator.com/

Or follow on Instagram at @srillustrator

Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts To Hearts Project



Arts To Hearts Project




Hey, you guys welcome back to the arts to hearts podcast  season 2 this is your host charuka arora I’m back with another amazing guest today and this time I am so excited and also a little scared because. I just told her that we both of us speak a very different language but before I introduce you to her I just I just wanted to read out something that I’ve been researching about her so I have an amazing illustration for illustrator fashion designer. Um. And a creative more than anything else who has been doing a lot of rounds of appreciation here in India so I pulled out a few quotes from her features and this is something that really clicked. Okay, so. From renaming fashion brands for the dctwenty something to giving us the most iconic design srishti is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and intellect srishti has collaborated with some big names like mac cosmetics fasttrack levis to create some very interesting artworks that not only will make you laugh but also share a strong social message. Like this is by idiva um something I really found interesting was wait. We love switched his understanding of what we all do all day every day if you’re someone who’s perpetually broke. She’s got a meme for you. If you’re dealing with the trauma of growing older. She’s got a hi like hilarious one for you too. The reason it all works in primarily because of her maximalist approach to art the memes that she produces are not in conventional format. There are no l loll worthy majors but carefully curated artworks. Have been created from scratch I am so excited to introduceristy to you welcome to the podcast rest still.