About the Artist

She is the Designer & Dreamer for House Of Sinisis.
She create from the surreal dreams she dream.
For House Of Sinisis  she as a designer transform emotional stories into symbolic visuals, some of it she paint, click, collage and repaint digitally to make it all come alive. She graduated in Economics from Delhi University in 2016. In search of a purpose in life she found herself driven towards art and fashion as a mean to express oneself.

Artist Statement

Mountains moved as I kept moving along the journey of self discovery. I realized that an intension (which was once just a thought) had the capacity to align everything for one in the coming future. Sinisis was conceived to serve the purpose of being an ‘Object of Reflection’ for people of the world.
Throughout the creative process I have left traces of the lessons that I learnt in this journey called life. I have done so in hope that my words would somehow reach the one looking for answers.
HOS isn’t meant to be pure fashion, instead it intends to create a personal experience for whoever chooses to be part of HOS Family.
HOS is here to nudge you to follow your heart.”



How do you interpret ‘Ready to wear’ in your work?

My understanding of fashion developed as something which plays an indispensable role in expressing one’s deeper thoughts, feeling and beliefs through visuals rather than plain words.
I have always been a keen learner of human psychology and the impact of one’s subconscious construct has on his/her/their surroundings.
The “Ready to Wear” division of fashion’s accessibility presents us with and immediate opportunity to pick things based on our impulses. These impulses are the secret doorway to our subconscious beings.
Living by the thought ‘I am many skins, One fire’, I believe that the ready to wear fashion is a great opportunity to sync the visuals from around one’s surroundings to one’s core inner beliefs.




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