About the Artist

Paula Camacho is a Colombian-born painter and installation artist based in Miami, Florida. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in the Fall of 2019 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Minor in Digital Design. Paula’s work has been featured in 11 publications and was recently distinguished as a top contributor by Fearsome Critters Mag. She was an artist in residence at the New York Academy of Art in 2019, and has participated in a number of exhibitions throughout the southeast.

Artist Statement

My practice, ultimately a visual exploration into the theory of immanence, is heavily influenced by transcendental experiences and my consequent investigations into Taoism, shamanism, and Jungian philosophy.

From an experiential point of departure, I strive to reconcile external and internal phenomena with my two and three-dimensional works, recognizing their inherent oneness and interplay. My compositions aim to render, or at the very least intimate the relationship between earth and psyche—arousing a deeper curiosity about our unity and interaction with all dimensions of nature.

A profound reverence for nature’s complex, entropic perfection is the animist intensity that is integral to my process.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

The place where intuition and intellect meet. That is my Dreamland.

Intuition: the ancient faculty that exerts itself within the boundaries of my skin yet seems to be tapped in to every atom of the universe. Intellect: a powerful tool that can be wielded to touch every atom of the universe. When the profound capacity for perception and the dynamism of conscious engagement work together in tandem, both are strengthened by the other; they are more powerful and effective together than they are alone. 

In my art practice, I try to walk between that space where both meet. An intuitive pull to manifest something is what arrives first, and as the piece is nearing completion is when intellect starts to seep in, taking up the space intuition has abdicated once its process is complete. The intellect goes on to translate the analogous to digital, so to speak. In other words, deciphering and articulating the meaning of my work.

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