Transforming Bold & Bright Colors To Reveal Inner Clarity w/ Danielle Rackowski : Artist Spotlight

Artist Bio

Danielle Rackowski is a Self Portrait Photo Artist and Digital Artist based in New Jersey. She uses digital photography and digital art techniques to create expressive and abstract fine art images. Bold and bright colors are transformed to attain a sense of inner clarity and to reveal subconscious truths. Her images are grounded between reality and imagination (the familiar and the enigmatic), which create a stillness in motion.

Her passion for swift surrealistic, impressionistic, and expressionistic styles transcend and empower her artworks into deeper narratives of self-reflection and observation. By abstracting and layering imagery through a painterly aesthetic, she is able to express subtle and complex intricacies on the surreality and duality of emotion.

Her studio practice and photographic process also bring attention to the healing nature of confronting her own introspective and intuitive gaze before the gaze of the camera. Her transformative artworks create meaningful connections between the harmonious balance of color and spiritual growth. She visualizes the intangibility of emotion as a tangible and inevitable force that can live beyond the surface.

Rackowski works as a Freelance Fine Art Photographer. She has photographed the permanent collection of 20th century artifacts in communications and electronics at the David Sarnoff Gallery in Ewing, New Jersey. She is the founder and curator of Self Portraits On Fire, an Instagram Art Gallery and Community that supports and features all creative styles of fine art self portrait photography. She earned an Associate of Fine Arts Degree (AFA) in Photography and Digital Imaging in 2017 at Mercer County Community College (MCCC) in New Jersey. She also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in Lens-Based Art: Photography and Video at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) in 2019. Her artwork has been exhibited in New Jersey, New York, Miami, and California. Her artwork has also been exhibited by international online art galleries.

Artist Statement

In this self portrait series, coexisting energies converge and coalesce. Vulnerability is visualized as a brave and bold intensity for healing and empowerment. Vibrant colors and floral textural elements are layered and abstracted to express a unified tension, and a spiritual harmony of inner growth. Intricate digital layering of classical still life floral paintings, nature photos, and self portrait photos, transform the self into botanical beings. An intuitive connection with color and nature is awakened as an introspective and transcendent balance of flowing color vibrancies.

A duality of emotion and states of being are harmonized as a cycle of emotional energy shifts that bridge both subconscious and conscious levels of thinking. Through each stage of personal growth and healing, my mind enters a new expansion of intuitive change, balance, alignment, peace, and clarity. Empowerment, resilience, and joy is met with fear, uncertainty, and the unknown. A synchronicity of these emotional energies and energy shifts radiate complex shades of illumination, enlightenment, and renewal. A transformation of my inner world and inner gaze, transforms and creates my outer world and outer gaze.

Find the Artist on: 

Website: https://www.danielle4photo.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielle4photo/?hl=en

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